Konvekta provides the Highest Efficiency Run Around Energy Recovery System on the market.  The coils achieve very small temperature differences between air and fluid, and due to their high quality, allow for years of operation.

Konvekta’s circulatory systems can extract energy – in the form of cold or heat – from the exhaust air of buildings and feed it back into the supply air in an extremely efficient manner.  Options for downsized and integrated cooling and heating systems are also available.

Energy savings of up to more than 95% can be achieved just by heating the outside air. This also applies to the same extent for savings in CO2 emissions.  A Konvekta system reduces energy consumption up to 80% compared to 50% for most run-around loops.

Konvekta guarantees the performance of amount of their systems and provides monitoring and reporting which guarantees the promised and expected return on investment is achieved.