Motivair specializes in the design, application and integration of high efficiency commercial and industrial cooling systems. Motivair’s wide variety of chillers include Integrated Free Cooling systems and Simultaneous Cooling and Heat Recovery chillers, both air and water cooled.

Motivair is a cooling solutions provider specializing in the design, application, and integration of high-efficiency commercial and industrial cooling systems.

Motivair’s wide range of products focus on providing customized solutions for the critical infrastructure and technology required for today’s energy efficient buildings.

Motivair’s offerings include Air-Cooled Chillers, Free Cooling Chillers, Heat Pumps, MHR Simultaneous Heat Recovery Chillers, Low Temperature Process Chillers, Compact Water-Cooled Chillers, and Closed Loop Cooling Systems/Pump Stations.  Their chillers range from ½ to 450 Tons and may feature integral pump systems, storage tanks, and special low- and super-low noise packages featuring cutting edge technology for reduced sound levels.

At a time when many businesses are faced with thermal challenges, Motivair is already providing relevant solutions for factories, power plants, research laboratories, data centers, and more.